Would you like to know how your product could perform on Amazon?

The Amazon marketplace has over 250 million shoppers and is growing yearly.   These shoppers are a good sampling of what the eCommerce market is doing as a whole.  Wouldn’t it be invaluable to have data at your fingertips on how Amazon shoppers are predicted to respond to your product?  Our Amazon Product Analysis will do just that!  Whether developing a new product or have a product ready for market, gather the data needed to make informed decisions and avoid costly assumptions!

You’ll receive a comprehensive Amazon marketplace analysis report along with a 1 hour consultation to discuss our evaluation of the data, along with our recommendations for leveraging the Amazon market.

Only $249

The Amazon Product Analysis will answer these questions:

Is there a Market on Amazon for your product?  –  We’ll show you how many shoppers are searching for a product like yours on a monthly basis so you know the market potential.

How Competitive is the Amazon marketplace for my product?  – We’ll show you how much competition on Amazon there is for a product like yours, and if there’s room to compete.

What is the average selling price for products like mine on Amazon? – We’ll include the average selling price for the top sellers so you know where your price point stands, and what Amazon shoppers are willing to pay.

What kind of sales from Amazon can I expect on a monthly basis? –  Discover the average monthly sales volume for top sellers of products similar to yours. 

Who are your biggest competitors on Amazon?  – You will get a list of the top sellers in your products category to include: Product Name, Brand Name, Price, and Estimated Monthly Sales Volume. 

Expert Evaluation of the Data – Our Amazon experts will provide all this data and then summarize it in easy to read detail so you’ll be clear on whether the Amazon marketplace is right for your product and have realistic expectations of the potential.  And if you still require more information, schedule a one-on-one conference call to further dig in to the information and ask questions (sold separately).

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