Steve and Brenda Crimi are dedicated entrepreneurs with years of business successes between them.

In 2013, and between projects, Brenda started “dabbling” with selling on Amazon.  Through extensive training and research, she learned the skills to leverage the Amazon marketplace, and turned that “dabbling” into a ¼ million dollars in sales their first 12 months.   

Through past experience, Steve and Brenda know, first-hand of the challenges and high costs associated with bringing products to market.  They quickly recognized how invaluable and lucrative the Amazon marketplace could be to product owners and inventors, and formed AMZ Alliance as a platform to partner, educate and train product owners in navigating the highly competitive Amazon marketplace. 

If they could offer only one piece of advice, it’d be “Don’t do it alone.”

Steve has spent his lifetime owning and operating successful businesses in the industries of electrical, energy efficiency, and LED lighting.  His portfolio includes co-founding a multi-million dollar LED lighting company, of which he was instrumental in developing and launching several cutting edge products.

Brenda’s entrepreneur career spans over 20 years during which she operated several successful businesses, one of which included inventing and bringing to market an award winning organizing product.