Recently we know of 2 instances (in different accounts) where Amazon inactivated a listing with what they deemed to be a high return rate. One listing reflected 10.2% and another 25%. Β The inactivation was worded in such a way as to be a “notice” that there is something going on with that product and some action on a resolution is required.

The good news is that this inactivation of the ASIN is temporary and the listing can simply be reactivated by clicking “yes I understand” and we have fixed the problem, with an explanation as to how you fixed it. This is all done via the notification link. Easy Peasy – as long as the solution to fix the problem is easy peasy πŸ™‚

I spoke with an Amazon rep and there is no published benchmark as to what the return rate should stay under. I’ve heard the ideal industry standard to stay within is 3%. If you have any products that reflect a return rate of more than 5%, now may be a good time to be proactive and see what can be done to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Keeping your account health clean should always be your #1 priority.