By Brenda Crimi, AMZ Alliance


Most sellers try to approach Amazon’s search like they do Google’s.  That’s where all the great SEO minds get their knowledge, right?  Well, Amazon plays in a different way.  Google’s SEO is designed for finding everything, Amazon’s is designed for shopping and purchasing.  Let me explain…

Let’s say for example you’d like to search for a kitchen utensil holder to store all your fabulous cooking tools.  As a shopper searching for this product, you’d probably enter “Kitchen Utensil Holder,” or some other string of words that make sense to you.  The problem is, Amazon will now display for you every single product that has the word “kitchen” as well as “utensil” and “holder” somewhere within their listing.

The next time you shop on Amazon, take a moment to notice the next time you shop on Amazon.  How many results display for your search criteria?  Chances are that the results will be in the thousands, 100’s of thousands or possibly even Millions.   This doesn’t mean that there are that many of that type product listed on Amazon. It means there are that many listings that include one or more of the keywords you entered within their listing.

There are four places Amazon will search for a “hit” on a keyword; the title, the bullet points, the brand name, and the search terms entered in to the back office of a listing.

As a shopper, have you ever wondered why when searching for a specific product, other  products that aren’t even relative to what you searched for are displayed within the results?  Well, now you know.  Take for example when searching for kitchen utensil holders, a pot holder may be displayed within the results.  That is because the words “kitchen” and “holder” appear somewhere within the pot holder’s listing details.

As a seller, knowing this information will help you.  By including all these search keyword options, you increase your chances to capture additional traffic related to the product you’re selling.  In the example of a listing selling pot holders, if someone is searching for a frying pan, theirs a chance they may need a pot holder, too.  By including the keywords “frying pan” within your pot holder listing, you have a chance of exposing your listing to shoppers searching for frying pans, too.  Even though the shopper wasn’t searching for the pot holder, if your listing captures their eye, they may very well grab it. This is similar to what retail stores due within their store aisles.

Take a moment to review your listing for opportunities to cross sell with related products.   You may be rewarded with a jump in sales!